MLB! Show The Streakers!

    During the most recent Texas Rangers game against the Detroit Tigers, a streaker decided to race across the field at Globe Life Stadium.     Video attached here for your consumption:     As is the industry standard, television cameras quickly panned away from the perambulator and the commentators refused to mention the on-field shenanigans- leavingContinue reading “MLB! Show The Streakers!”

Break Twitter, Save Freedom of Speech online

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 has been the ‘road to hell paved with good intentions’ online for a generation.        Just this afternoon, Section 230 was used to ban the President of The United States- as well several other high ranking civil servants and members of the American Bar- from speaking toContinue reading “Break Twitter, Save Freedom of Speech online”

Election Night – What To Watch For

BACKGROUND     An ominous cloud hangs over this election. The silver lining of the cloud is that voter turnout is extraordinarily high- people seem to care about the direction of the republic. In this way, there is much to be proud about- American’s are peacefully making their voices heard. However, the large dark-mass of theContinue reading “Election Night – What To Watch For”