Schumer BETRAYS Feinstein: ‘Thrown to Vultures’

 The vultures seem to be circulating around Senator Dianne Feinstein this week. A story in the New York Post (as well as a flurry of dispatches) from other publications have all focused on the same core theme- Senator Feinstein‘s cognitive decline.     If you are one to believe what is written about Senator Feinstein- then youContinue reading “Schumer BETRAYS Feinstein: ‘Thrown to Vultures’”

Does It End In Texas?

The Supreme Court of Wisconsin seems to be the friendliest court to the administration at this time. Although the position of the Wisconsin Supreme Court is hard to determine, the Court is controlled by a 4-3 Republican Majority. In a rare move, the court will hold its proceedings tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon in order to adjudicate the legal challenges raised by the Trump Campaign before Wisconsin’s Electors convene on Monday.

Election Dispute Update

Note: In order to better understand this article, it may be useful to read the first instalment. You can read ‘The Election Dispute Explained Unbiased and SIMPLY!’ here:  When I started researching the election dispute, one thing became abundantly clear: most mainstream publications don’t seem to know that President Trump’s legal team has only filedContinue reading “Election Dispute Update”

Election Dispute Explained: Unbiased and SIMPLY

*** Authors Note: My readership has written to me several times in recent weeks to ask me to explain what is going on with the election. In response to these request- here is my shortest most comprehensive explanation*** PREFACE: I have curated the legal complaints in this article to just those that have the potentialContinue reading “Election Dispute Explained: Unbiased and SIMPLY”

Zealot or Professional: Who Is Amy Coney Barrett?

**** This is a repost from the author. This piece was first circulated in another publication on September 26, 2020 **** The name on everybody’s lips lately has been Amy Coney Barrett. Everyone wants to know who she is- what she’s done- who her friends and enemies are and (most importantly) what she is goingContinue reading “Zealot or Professional: Who Is Amy Coney Barrett?”

Without Fear: Will A Trump Admin. Lawsuit End AIDs?

*** This is a repost by the author. The first circulation of this piece occurred on October 1 in another publication *** For years we have commonly associated Joe Biden with activism against brain cancer. As many readers will know- Joe Biden’s son eldest son Beau (a war veteran an Attorney General of Delaware) wasContinue reading “Without Fear: Will A Trump Admin. Lawsuit End AIDs?”