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Established in the fall of 2020, McGovern Post tackles hard news and outspoken opinion. Our goal is to challenge established “wisdom” and to provide the stories you can’t get anywhere else.

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Hollywood’s Obituary

    The casual observer may have noticed the first signs of Hollywood’s decline about 6-7 years ago if you asked Gen Z’ers what they wanted to do with their lives. There was a perceptible shift in Gen Z that made the generation different from millennials, Gen X and the Boomers. Gen Z’ers didn’t seem interestedContinue reading “Hollywood’s Obituary”

Radical Hope For Ireland

Shock Heard Around the World (on The BBC)    Everyone around the world collectively spit out their coffee this morning while listening to the BBC. That was certainly the case for me and probably every other regular-BBC listener in the greater British Commonwealth. As someone who has been a staffer for the parliament of Ireland (calledContinue reading “Radical Hope For Ireland”

Crystal Ball: Georgia Senate

The GOP at both the national and state levels has proven to be every bit “impotent and recalcitrant”- and this could have long term repercussions for the party and the country.


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